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The ultimate reason why we do this Hackathon, is because we believe a better world is possible, and we want to inspire new generations to use their skills and creativity to build it. We want to improve people's health, and we want to help participants realize their projects. And that's why we need you.


_ Ideation based on real health innovation challenges aimed to: promote the creation of new futuristic solutions to real needs with a patient-centric approach and through multidisciplinary teams.

_ Fostering the connection of talent with the industry.

_ Facilitating the visualitzation of job opportunities.

A Better Tomorrow


_ real world users

_ patients & Hospitals

_ corporates 

_ health Tech Spin Offs

_ researchers 

_ students


_ with impactful and innovative collaborative methodologies

_ boosting disruptive innovation connected with needs

Team Meeting

this is also great opportunity to connect with the best talent

contact us at xartec.salut.creb (a)

or fill this form_ 

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