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Are you involved in a project or research that you believe will have an important impact in 2030?

Xartec Salut is inviting all researchers to join HealthTech2030 Outstanding Poster Award 2022. 

Join us as we build our community of changemakers and discover more about the range of research projects being carried out at HealthTech2030.

This is an exciting opportunity to showcase your work to your peers, and leading members of the ecosystem.


Master & Doctoral students and postdocs from all disciplines, even inside and outside Xartec Salut’s Network.



Health Technology.

Posters may report on any research that is underway and should offer a clear outline with a visual impact.


Rules of entry are as follows:


  1. The poster must have an impact on the field of HealthTech.

  2. You must apply by CLICKING HERE in order to reserve your slot at HealthTech2030. You will have to submit a 300 words abstract.  Authors and co-authors must be added as well.

  3. There is no template for the poster, so you can design your own. The following headings are suggested to structure your abstract, but you can amend as necessary: introduction and aims, methods, results and discussion, conclusion and references.

  4. Entries to the competition must be received until October 14th, 2022.

  5. All posters should be sized 120 cm. hide and 90 cm. wide. They should be readable (usually a minimum of size 20 font) and you will need to bring a method of hanging it (e.g. tape).

  6. Arrive early to the event (starting time is 15h, so we recommend you to be from 14h30) . You will be directed to the poster presentation area where you will be responsible for hanging your poster. 

  7. All posters will be judged (by a panel of jury) based on an optimum amount of information as per the topic, supporting results, creativity and future impact.

Prizes will be announced soon.

Good luck to all successful entrants!

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact Cristina Páez at cristina.magdalena.paez @

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